Atacama Desert

In Summer 2011, KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide, Ray Zahab ran 1,200km, from North to South, crossing the entire Atacama Desert. Bob Cox, KapiK1 Co-Founder and Guide provided support and logistics for Ray on this run, and both agreed they would be back to this epic place again. They both returned for an impossible2Possible Youth Expedition, where both Ray with Stefano Gregoretti, also a KapiK1 Founder and Guide went on to mountain bike its length.


Wedged between the towering Andes to the east and the Chilean Coastal Range to the west, the Atacama Desert, the driest place on Earth, is home to some of the most spectacular terrain and breathtaking views one could ever imagine. During the day, the “Mars like” atmosphere is sprawling with sand dunes, salt crusted dry lakes, and vast volcanic rock fields that leave visitors mesmerized in their majesty.

At night, the Atacama transforms into the planet’s premier location for stargazing. The elevation, arid climate, and lack of pollution create the perfect environment to see the night sky clearer than any other place on the planet. With the naked eye the milky way is so clear and close that it’s seemingly at your fingertips. The desert surroundings become a mind-blowing natural amphitheater like no other place the world can provide.

After nearly a decade of running through the Atacama on multiple expeditions we have decided to bring this wondrous experience to you. If you have an adventurous spirit, are interested in challenging yourself, and want to see one of the most epic places on the planet, we have the journey for you.

We will spend 9 days together from arrival to departure... trekking, running and navigating a unique route that winds through the Atacama. Being a 'supported' expedition, camp will be set for you each night- and awesome meals to refuel you after long desert days. Each evening is spent discussing a range of learning based topics, including- preparing your own training programs, nutrition, planning your own adventure, and gear choices. On our last KapiK1 Atacama adventure, we enjoyed the company of an Astronomer, who gave us a tour of the night sky....a highlight that we will repeat in 2022!

Sand dunes, salt crusted lakes and volcanic rock fields leave you mesmerized by their majesty.

a journey like no other

If you have an adventurous spirit, are interested in challenging yourself, and want to see one of the most epic places on the planet, we have the journey for you.

Starry Nights

Beauty awaits when the sun goes to rest. The Atacama Desert is a hotspot for stargazers. Capture unparalleled views of the sky every night before retiring the next day filled with adventure.

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